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So here it begins. The big project. Renovation – with bells on. I’ve wanted to do this for so long it’s silly and now I have my hands on a house. And a lovely house at that. She’s a beauty in the late Spring, festooned with Wisteria and indoors, a homely, warm atmosphere – she has clearly been loved. Pretty as she is with her half-timbered, 30s exterior, walk inside and you land in 1982. Adjectives that spring to mind are chintz, cork-tiled, pistachio, pink, shag-pile (the carpet), Sindy house style, gathered, frilled, velour, retro floral (not in a good way), brown, orange, vinyl, dralon, laminate and the list goes on. I will spare you the interior shots for now (mainly because I’m a busy mum and magazine shoot it ain’t) but there will be plenty of time for ‘before and afters’.

Planning permission is got. Building regs are in draft. My job is to design/style the interiors and exterior finish. And it starts right now. It’s not going to be a ground-breaking Grand Designs sort of edgy, modern box (much as I would love for it to be). But actually I’m going to complement the era and keep it pretty. Under pain of death will any builder snap that Wisteria – ‘Wake Up!’ Annabel I hear you shout – but come on, we have to try and save it! So I’m envisioning a pretty dolls house on the outside with a modern ‘light box’ interior. Elegant, contemporary and interesting – probably a lot of monochrome – and with great flow. I say monochrome – but I am a little bored of the pared back industrial vibe so I will have to qualify that with something fresh and original. Colours – yes. But muted and chic with brighter accents.

Of course all that is going to have to be paid for. In a nutshell I’m going to have to make it look fabulous on an absolute shoestring. Yes, we have a budget –  but as all self-builders will attest – much of that will get eaten up getting walls up and the lid on. And there won’t be much left for me! So I’m going to have to be clever. Wickes and Ikea here I come – but I’m determined you’ll never guess. Oh for the love of a spreadsheet. Yes, it helps being married to an finance chap. But for a creative (who’d rather being pushing bits of fabric about on a board), having Excel as my daily companion for the foreseeable is going to be  something I’m just going to have to get used to. Costings rule. Think I’ll start with the kitchen….

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